About us

About us

We are a new company online but pride ourselves in getting work done in a short span of a few years of being online we have served many customers and continue to serve them accordingly. Our beginnings have started with initial phase of posting classifieds on various platforms in various countries. we have helped business generate the first leads. All our staff are certified and maintain current knowledge of trends. Secondly, we use social media to promote client’s pages with search engine optimized content, keywords, images, and video to help digital marketing. If client intends generate leads locally we help create web pages for clients with optimized keywords, with help of keyword research and other features that will enable web pages crawl up with search bots finding the appropriate keywords and help in ranking. Furthermore, if the Client want’s paid advertising we promote and advertise using paid adverts like social media marketing where client use the appropriate keywords to find high ranking across based on the cost per keyword. Finally, we customize the site to add video and content that is search related, these videos can be viewed optimized for local areas targeting areas and other resources to enhance their products and video that will enable promotions.

We cater to a few clients and ensure they have the best value for their service chosen. Generally, clients are interested in lead generations weather they are small or large business. The simple idea is to attract customers who are interested in the product and interested in generating leads for all customers. We analyze the customers based on our keyword analysis, market share, targeted audience, and trends in the market. we generate reports on the above before we start the task. All our customers have varied needs like in terms of generating leads, promoting sales, online presence creation and many other scenarios. We have simple test set up for the sites and use multiple tools to test web sites speed and development times. The time allocated to each individual site has fixed blogs where we set up details and progress according to standards. Different strategies are used for different customers.

The team consists of many skilled members in various fields like content development, search engine optimization, Ad words, email marketing and team management.We constantly update our details and enhance clients opportunities through our endeavours all individuals working are certified and have received formal training in the field. The added experience of contractors helps us in individuals areas. Our managers have build , grown and implemented strategies that have yielded in results in the company in all fields like social media marketing, optimised website, pay per lead – generation models , email marketing.

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